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Falling Star

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I have quite a few sacred spaces in my home where i tend to create altars at times quite accidentally. lol.

On my mantlepiece i have a statue of a beautiful squaw with a papoose, Two white Angel candle holders, an Egyptian pyramid, an apple blossom fairy and a piece of Rose Quartz.

On my Tv i have statues of Isis, Horus, Nekhbet and wadjet, also a statue of Anubis.

In my psychic corner where i tend do do my readings, (very powerful energy there) I have an angel picture, a unicorn, a crystal ball, Anubis, a clear quartz staue of Atlantis, a huge white crystal heart in black hands, An indian with a peace pipe, and a Squaw with child statue. A bronze chief head and Angels.

Above my computer i have a wooden head of a budshavita, (very powerful) and a Reiki symbol picture.

Wow i am surrounded. LOL

*I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that centre within you and i am at that place within me,.....We shall be one!
Chief Crazy Horse


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My home has many divine statues; buddhist, hindu and egyptian, however there is only one place that I 'attend' and that is a shelf dedicated to Sekhmet and Bast. It doesn't have much on it; a few candles, an egyptian cat statue, and a soapstone incense burner I bought especially but it has never appeared to be a problem for them.

I don't have any kind of specific altar because I have never felt that I needed one; I keep any implements and writings in a small silver painted chest instead.

Recent changes to my life mean that an altar seems a possibility in the future, however when, where and what it will look like is as yet undecided!

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