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Naturalistic Pantheist Prayers and Meditations (also for Humanists and Atheists)

You DON'T believe in that God-the-Father stuff? You DON'T believe in Divine Salvation or Retribution? But you feel a deep love and respect for the Earth, for Life, for Humanity and you ARE in search for a moment of peace and contemplation?


Don't expect miracles here. The prayers here are not said to plead, bargain, beg or implore. They are not said to thank or praise a Personal, Loving God. The prayers here are said for YOURSELF and your own sense of wholeness. Here you can say prayers to voice more abstract feelings of gratitude, inspiration or awe. Do you want to feel closer to Earth? Are you touched by the beauty of the Natural World around us? Do you find the actions of justice of your fellow Man inspiring?

In this prayer circle, find a moment of peace, of contemplation, of inspiration. You do not need to believe in the Supernatural. Just believe in what you see. Rejoice in Existence, celebrate your love for the Planet, voice your awe for All that Is.

Or to rephrase in the words of the World Pantheist Movement:
Revering the Universe, Caring for Nature, Celebrating Life.


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