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I wan't to make it VERY clear to everyone sharing this board and forum, this forum is not affiliated with any other site and we do NOT in any way condone any behavior that will put other sites or their members in a bad light.  

Recent behavior on the board has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. What you do outside of this domain is your business and your business alone.  Bringing outside issues into this domain is not appreciated nor will it be allowed.  We have a beautiful peaceful energy in of our small circle and we will continue to maintain that.

Please do not address your issues with other sites on these boards unless it is done respectfully in the form of a discussion and it is done without bringing up the name(s) of the other site or its members.

Try to remember that everyone is different and even though they do not fall into your spectrum of "right and wrong" they are still part of our human race.  What is "right" and what is "wrong" is an individual opinion, based on the beliefs you were raised with, all mixed up with your life experiences.  Don't expect anyone else in the world to ever feel the same way you do about anything, simply because no one else in the world is you.  Use tolerance and compassion to guide you when you feel frustrated.  Always remember that you NEVER know or understand the entire picture, because its almost never what you think it is. 

Believe in a better you and it will lead to betterment elsewhere. Greet everyday with a forgiving and loving spirit. 

"What we do in this life shall echo into eternity............." MY MOD MODE DONT TASTE MY RAINBOW

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